Allergy Products for the Home

Allergy Alert BraceletsAllergy Alert Bracelets
Allergy alert bracelets can literally be a lifesaver for folks that suffer from severe allergic reactions. In the event of an allergic reaction, the bracelet offers details of the sufferer's condition as well as who to call in event of an emergency

STAT Kids Health ID STAT Kids Health ID Allergy Products
From specially sized allergy alert wristbands to bright red lunch bags that contain prominent allergy alert information, the STAT Kids Health ID product line helps parents clearly communicate the needs of allergic children to teachers and carers

Allergy Relief Air PurifierAllergy Relief Air Purifier
An allergy relief air purifier can help in the fight against indoor allergens such as bacteria, dust, pet dander, dust mites and mold spores while giving you cleaner breathable air

Allergy Free Mattress CoversAllergy Free Mattress Covers
Allergy free mattress covers are signed to encase the entire box spring and are made of a fabric vinyl material which inhibits mold and mildew and prevents dust mites from penetrating the mattress

Allergy Free Pillows and Pillow CoversAllergy Free Pillows
Allergy free pillows and pillow covers are effective for asthma, eczema, rhinitis, dust mite and feather allergies ensuring that the air that you breathe while sleeping is free from harmful levels of allergens

HEPA Vacuum Cleaners for Dust AllergyHEPA Vacuum Cleaners for Dust Allergy
The filtration system on HEPA vacuum cleaners captures around 99 percent of dust, pollen, allergens and bacteria which means that as well as cleaner carpets, your indoor air is much cleaner as well

HEPA Vacuum BagsHEPA Vacuum Bags
HEPA vacuum bags are a must in homes with allergies, asthma, breathing issues, and pets since they offer advanced filtration that captures up to 100% of allergens that maybe residing in your carpets and area rugs

HEPA Vacuum FiltersHEPA Vacuum Filters
In order to remain effective, HEPA vacuum cleaners need to have their filters replaced regularly in order to control and minimize household dust and dirt and the pollutants that are contained in it

Allergy Products