STAT Kids Allergy Medical Alerts

Managing their kids food allergies is a daily challenge faced by millions of parents but help is on the way courtesy of STAT kids allergy alert products for children.

From specially-sized, red silicone allergy alert wristbands, that boldly state each child's particular food allergy, to bright red lunch bags that contain prominent allergy alert information, the STAT kids product line helps parents clearly communicate the needs of allergic children to teachers, coaches and substitutes.

STAT Kids Allergy Alert Products

The STAT kids product line includes kid-friendly, specific allergy alert  wristbands, lunch bags, backpacks, and Epi-Pen carry bags. Each item was designed by founder, Robin Davison, with her own child's safety in mind.

"As the number of children with food allergies continues to rise at an alarming rate, an increasing number of parents struggle to keep their children safe," said Davison. "When children go into new classrooms with new teachers, even into new schools, the need for practical, age-appropriate tools to protect them is particularly important."

"Whether my son is at school or camp, on a play date or at a birthday party, I worry that someone could unknowingly give him the wrong food. For children with food allergies, this mistake could mean the difference between life and death. Our goal is to make it easier for parents to protect their children," added Davison.

The STAT kids allergy alert product line includes:

STAT Kids Health ID Wristband

Kids love them because they are fashionable and comfortable. Parents love them because they are effective and kids actually want to wear them.

STAT kids hypo-allergenic, 100% silicone bands makes the identification of a child's specific food allergy quick and easy. The bright red allergy alert wristbands with white lettering are eye-catching to ensure maximum visibility and are comfortable, durable, water-proof and stretch for easy on and off. Available in extra small, small and medium sizes.

STAT Kids Health ID Lunch Bag

The most important feature of this bright red allergy alert lunch bag is its clear display window that holds a customized health ID card.

This easily identifies a child's specific food allergy or other health issues especially important during mealtime, when the risk of exposure is at its highest.

Health ID Allergy Alert Backpack

Now children can go to school, day care or a sleep-over with a health alert that can't be missed. The STAT kids backpack features a display window that holds a customized allergy alert which can be updated as need change. It' is perfectly sized for young children with padded, adjustable shoulder straps, one large main compartment, and three outer zippered pockets.

Kids Allergy Travel Pack

The STAT kids Travel Pack makes it easy to carry your child's Epi-Pen, antihistamine, inhaler, or other necessary medication and still have room for your cell phone and car keys. One main compartment and four outer zippered compartments keep you organized. The adjustable waist strap keeps you comfortable and hands-free while you're on the go. Hand it off to a babysitter, grandparent, or friend.

STAT KIDS Health ID Backpack, Celiac Disease
STAT KIDS Health ID Backpack, Celiac Disease
List Price: $9.00

Sale Price: $8.62