Severe Asthma Treatment Tips

Many folks suffer from mild asthma or allergy symptoms during particular times of year, or because of certain allergens such as dust or pet dander. However, if you have severe asthma, asthma control is especially important, since an asthma attack could lead to further serious complications.

Severe Asthma Symptoms

If you suffer from severe asthma, your symptoms could include wheezing or gasping for breath, which could be very dangerous if you do not have the right medication. You may need to take an inhaler with albuterol, which helps to remedy allergic reactions and open the airways for easier breathing. Your inhaler may also contain cortisone for further asthma control if you have severe asthma, as it will help reduce the swelling in the airways, and even on the limbs such as hands, feet and face.

Severe Asthma Treatment and Management

Another thing you can do to treat severe asthma is to make sure that your household and car are especially clean. Dust and dirt can definitely trigger your asthma, and cause sneezing, itchy eyes, and trouble breathing.

If you have a child with asthma, try putting their toys in the freezer, or freezing certain things that you use on a daily basis such as office supplies or your favorite cups and dishes. Doing so will make it more difficult for dust or mold to settle on these items, which contribute to your asthma control.

If you do not have an air purifier, make sure that the air in your room or home is warm, since air that is too cold could make airways dry while air that is too moist may make breathing more difficult especially if you are breathing in that warm air for long periods of time.

The air around you should be as clear as possible when you are dealing with severe asthma, since allergic asthma can cause reactions that can be frightening. An asthma air purifier will help clear the air in your home or office, which means you will not have to worry about breathing in toxins that can affect the size or your airways.

You can also try an alternative treatment for asthma if you do not want to take traditional medication for severe asthma, but it is best to talk to your doctor first before trying anything new so that you will know how your body will react.

Symptoms of severe asthma could also be due to certain cosmetics and hair products that you may be using, so you may need a skin prick test from your local asthma clinic in order to find out exactly what to stay away from.